MicroTroughRioglass entered the parabolic trough CSP market with a revolutionary product: tempered parabolic mirrors. Since its market entry, Rioglass has become market leader in this market thanks to the best overall performing mirrors.

Rioglass offers high quality, with the best accuracy, the highest reflectivity and that in tempered quality, which offers extremely durable and safe mirrors.

The production process allows for extreme high repeatability and flexibility in dimensions. Something that has resulted in our market leadership in the CSP market with installations worldwide.


Dimensions RP-2, RP-3, RP-4 or Custom Designed
Shape parabolically curved
Av. Reflectivity up to 94,5% depending on glass thickness and technology
Glass Quality Ultra clear tempered glass
Precision < 2,0 mrad (LS-3) All mirrors are coated with a silver reflective layer, followed by a copper layer and 3 protective paint layers, assuring optimum durability. All mirrors have a rounded edge finish for safe handling and durability. [/one_half] [one_half_last]


Over 6 million mirrors up te date equivalent to over 2,1 GW. Check out our website for reference projects worldwide.