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From, we would like to inform you that our website uses cookies to analyse user browsing.

What are cookies?

Cookies are files installed in the computer from which you access our website. Thanks to cookies, we can compile information on user browsing, and can use this information to offer you better service. The most usual case is compiling statistical information. Practically all websites use cookies.

This website uses cookies from:


We use services from Google Analytics. Using these tools means that cookies are used by Google to collect information on the use of our website. The cookies are used to collect information on the use and behaviour of users on the website, including the information that ties your visit to our website with your Google account, if you are identified. The information on your use of our site, including your IP address, can be sent to Google and stored in their servers.

You can see more information on the use of your cookies and your privacy policy in the following links.

  • Google privacy policy
  • Google privacy centre
  • How Google uses cookies
  • Types of cookies used by Google


What is the data used for?

The information obtained by using these cookies is used to improve our page, detect new needs and assess the improvements to be added, in order to provide a better service.


How are cookies managed?

If you wish to allow, block or eliminate cookies installed in your computer, both from our websites and from other websites, you can do this by configuring the browser options installed in your computer. The most usual browsers are:

Many browsers allow a private mode to be activated by means of which cookies are always deleted after your visit. Depending on each browser, this private mode can have different names. Below you will find a list of the most common browsers and the different names for this “private mode”:

  • Internet Explorer 8 and above: InPrivate
  • Safari 2 and above: Private Browsing
  • Opera 10.5 and above: Private Browsing
  • FireFox 3.5 and above: Private Browsing
  • Google Chrome 10 and above: Incognito

Tables which we then publish collected in schematic form the cookies described above and used on the web site of  RIOGLASS SOLAR, S.A.:


 cookie name cookie domain   expires


use of cookie
utma 2 years from start session Analytics
utmb 30 min from home session Analytics
utmz 6 months since last update Analytics
utmc End session Analytics